Voyage Russie
Kamchatka, land of bears

Observation of the bears, in Uzon caldera and Kourile nature reserve, with RĂ©my Marion (member of the SEF)


An area as big as France, Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula is known for being the land of volcanoes (160 with 29 active ones!) and also the land... of bears. Nowhere else on the planet are there more (between 15,000 and 30,000 according to estimates) and bigger brown bears. To get close to these extraordinary animals, we take you first to the Uzon caldera and its tundra landscape, then to the only lodge in the Kurile reserve, near the best observation sites, where the bears pass by just a few metres away! Thrills and fascination guaranteed. And to make the very most of this encounter, your guide will be none other than one of the best bear specialists in France - RĂ©my Marion, a documentary director and author of numerous books.

4 bonnes raisons de faire ce voyage

  1. Explore a wild Kamchatka with RĂ©my Marion, director and naturalist specialist of bears, member of the French Explorers Society
  2. Admire, more closely than you ever thought possible, bears and cubs in their natural environment
  3. Discover the caldera of Uzon, Lake Kouril and majestic volcanoes
  4. To travel in the history of the geology of the earth and to understand the birth of calderas

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Image Kamchatka, land of bears

Le programme de la rando

  • Jour 1 Arrival in Petropavlovsk.

    Arrival at the airport, transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski (20 km). Settle into the hotel (double room), rest. City tour to experience the lively market, tasting smoked salmon, salmon eggs and other fish. Walk along Avacha bay just beyond the Lenin statue - one of the last in Russia.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 2 By helicopter to the Uzon caldera.

    MI8 helicopter flight to the Uzon caldera. Arrival in the national park and settling into our quarters - two or three people in the park’s wood cabins. We will be in a completely natural environment with the only running water in the river below. There is a comfortable common room for our meals and for a chat after a good day.

    HĂ©bergement : en cabane de trappeur

  • Jour 3 et 4 Searching for and observing bears.

    Two days carefully searching on foot in the national park looking for bears and watching wildlife. Exploring sulphur and other fumaroles. In this part of Kamchatka, bears are essentially herbivorous, they suck up bilberries and collect pine cones.

    HĂ©bergement : en cabane de trappeur

  • Jour 5 Valley of Geysers - Petropavlovsk.

    Another helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers. Together with Yellowstone Park USA, the Valley of Geysers is the most spectacular in the world. Kamchatka has 35 active volcanoes and is one of the most active regions in the world. Evening in our hotel in Petropavlosk.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 6 Petropavlovsk - Lake Kurile.

    Helicopter flight to Lake Kurile, stop and possibly a swim in the hot springs in the middle of the forest. We will be staying in a chalet at the tip of a small peninsula, protected from bears by an electric fence. Bears pass a few metres from our chalets or come to bathe in the small lake opposite. We are staying in a both unique and ideal place for observing them. A Russian cook will make local specialties for us.

    HĂ©bergement : en chalet

  • Jour 7 Ă  11 Observation at Lake Kourile.

    Accompanied by RĂ©my, if the weather is favourable, we leave very early every morning to go to the best observation points in search of bears. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a bear silhouetted against the background of a volcano as the sun rises. The bears arrive at their fishing grounds at first light, so we will do likewise.Observation is easy and completely safe with the protection of park wardens. The bears, males and females accompanied by their cubs will be only a few metres away from us.Every day, your guide, RĂ©my, will tell you about the life of the bears and how they adapt, and recount the history of Kamchatka. He will give you an introduction to photography and videoing, which he has been doing for years as part of his work.

    HĂ©bergement : en chalet

  • Jour 12 Lake Kurile - Petropavlovsk.

    Return to the helicopter and flights to the Khodutka volcanoes and the Mutnovsky plateau with the smoking sulphur mines. On the flights between Lake Kurile and Petropavlovsk, we will fly over several volcanoes and see unique and extremely beautiful landscapes. Weather permitting, we may even be able to land either on the top of one of the volcanoes or nearby to enjoy the moment and immortalize the landscape of a thousand colours. Arrival at Petropavlovsk and settling into the hotel. Dinner and free time.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 13 PĂ©tropavlosk airport.

    Breakfast then transfer to the airport.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

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