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Kailash, the magic mountain!

Trekking in Kailash, Tibet, one of the most sacred places on the world, with Simon Allix (member of the SEF)


Your next trip? Between 4,000 and 5,610 m above sea level in the heart of the Himalayas in a unique place that has attracted pilgrims seeking beauty and the absolute for thousands of years. This is a trek to Mount Kailash: for millions of Buddhists and Hindus it is a sacred mountain. In the company of Simon Allix, a great traveller and Tibet specialist, you will immerse yourself in Buddhist culture .Monasteries (Potala, Jokhang, etc.) in the highlands, from Lhasa to Darchen via Lake Manasarovar, you will exchange with Tibetan nomads and Indian yogis, pass through steppes, rivers and wide valleys... until you reach the region of Kailash and Nanda Devi. Last leg of this trek in Tibet: the kora around Mount Kailash on an over 50 km long trail, through impressive passes. There, you will be overwhelmed by the power of these places, inhabited by numerous deities. In communion with both nature and people, this spiritual journey will be engraved deep within you forever. There will be a before and after Kailash!

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Image Kailash, the magic mountain!

Le programme de la rando

  • Jour 1 Arrival in Canton.

    Arrival in Canton welcomed by our representative, then transfer to the hotel. If it is a morning arrival, it is either a rest day or the possibility of visiting the Guangdong museum or the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Shizhi (French), which are the city’s major sites. But don’t forget the Sun Yat-Sen museum and park in Nanjing.Meals not included.NB: We have to stop in Canton for one night to collect the special Tibet permit.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 2 Flight Canton - Lhasa (3,600 m).

    In Canton, our assistant hands over the Tibet permit. Depending on flight schedules, flight to Gongkar Lhasa Airport (Tibet’s airport). Disembarkation, welcomed by our local team, followed by an immediate transfer to Lhasa (3,600 m). Arrival in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Briefing and presentation of the trip organization, allocation of rooms. A well-deserved rest day because you are at an altitude of 3,600 m.Breakfast and dinner included. About a 1½ hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 3 Visit to Potala - Barkhor - Jokhang.

    Visit to Potala palace, a huge fortress dating from the 17th century. It has numerous golden roofs, chapels, libraries, chortens, and an impressive collection of tangkas and statues. It was the residence of the Dalai Lama until 1959, and consequently still attracts great numbers of pilgrims. The palace is now a museum. In the afternoon, a walk around Barkhor, popular with Buddhist pilgrims.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Night in Lhasa.NB: The visit to Potala is guided and only one hour is permitted.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 4 Visit to Sera and Drepung Lhasa (3,600 m).

    Visit the great monastic universities of Sera and Drepung, famous for their temples, houses and narrow streets, which until 1959 welcomed thousands of monks.They are still higher education establishments.Sera is one of the three major Gelug monasteries - the school of yellow hats - while Drepung is one of the largest Tibetan monasteries. Return to Lhasa: visit to the Norbulingka summer palace and a last tour of Barkhor.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 5 Lhasa (3,600 m) - Gyantse (3,950 m).

    Early morning departure. Crossing the Kamba La (4,850 m) and descent to the turquoise waters of Lake Yamdrok, one of the three largest lakes in Tibet, measuring more than 70 km long.Climb to Karo La (5,050 m) at the snow line of Netsekangsang (7,191m). Arrival at Gyantsé (3,950 m), the 3rd largest city in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Then, visit to the old town including the Palcho monastery and Kumbum chorten.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. About a 6 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 6 Gyantse (3,950 m) - Shigatse (3,900 m) - Sakya (4,100m).

    Drive to Shigatse, the 2nd largest city in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Visit to the huge monastic city of Tashi Lhunpo, home to temples with impressive chortens and incalculable treasures, including the copper statue of Buddha Maitreya (the largest in the world).It is the seat of the Panchen Lama, the second highest spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism. Walk in the old market and on the kora overlooking the monastery and the valley. Continuation of the drive to Sakya, visit to the monastery then settling into the hotel.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. About a 6 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 7 Sakya (4,100m) - Saga (4,450m).

    Breakfast then drive to Saga via the Sangsang pass. On the drive you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, pastures, yaks, and lakes. In the afternoon you will pass the sacred Brahmaputra river. Arrival in Saga. The town of Saga is at 4,450m and an important stopover point for pilgrims and tourists on their way to Mount Kailash. There are a few shops and restaurants and several guest houses and hotels. Settling into the guesthouse.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. About a 6/7 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : sous tente

  • Jour 8 Saga (4,450 m) - Darchen (4,575 m).

    Continuing west to the foot of Mount Kailash, the sacred mountain, which is central to Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Bon beliefs. For all Mount Kailash pilgrims this mountain is the terrestrial manifestation of Mount Meru. In these four belief systems, completing a kora of Mount Kailash purifies you of all your sins.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. About a 7 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 9 Darchen - Drira Phuk (4,700m).

    Today, you will follow the pilgrims along the holy Kailash. It is said that after the 108th circuit, a true believer can then leave the cycle of reincarnations to reach Nirvana. You then continue north towards the Lham Chu valley. On the way you will stop at the beautiful Chuku monastery before going up along the Kangjam Chu. Visit to Drira Phuk before arriving at the guesthouse.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 10 Drira Phuk - Zutrul Phuk (4,575 m).

    From Drira Phuk at an altitude of 4,720 m, a steep, hard climb to the Drolma pass (5,636 m) whose passage symbolizes the passage from this life to a new life. Back down to the bottom of the Lham Chu valley 600 m below. Visit to the Zutrul Phuk monastery "Cave of Miracles", a Buddhist monastery located at 4,863 m which is near our guesthouse.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 11 Zutrul Phuk - Darchen - Lake Manasarovar (4,589 m).

    Breakfast followed by a gentle descent to Darchen before a transfer to Lake Manasarovar. Walk around the lake for those who wish, otherwise rest. The spectacular environment of Lake Manasarovar, caught between two high snow-capped mountain chains, is one of the most extraordinary in Tibet – a paradise on earth!The lake extends to the foot of Mount Kailash at an altitude of approximately 4,585 m. It is one of the highest lakes in the world and has a total area of about 395 km².Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 12 Kora of Manasarovar - Seralung Gompa (4,550 m).

    Walk with a view of the Kailash and Nanda Devi mountains at over 7,000 m. A tour of the lake is very symbolic and mythical; many Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims and Hindu pilgrims come from all over the world to gather there with Mount Kailash watching over.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 13 Seralung Gompa - Trugo Gompa.

    For your second day of pilgrimage walking around the lake with thousands of pilgrims, you will thoroughly enjoy this unique and timeless experience. The beautiful faces and various traditional costumes cry out to be immortalized in photos that will engrave this memory in your mind forever.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 14 Trugo Gompa - Gossul Gompa.

    A gentle walk in the company of pilgrims towards Gossul Gompa, arrival and settling into the guesthouse.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 15 Gossul Gompa - Chiu Gompa.

    Last day hiking in the mountains, with its villages and welcoming Tibetan people. One last opportunity to absorb the very particular and extremely relaxing atmosphere. Arrival and settling into the guesthouse.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    HĂ©bergement : en guest house

  • Jour 16 Manasarovar - Paryang (4,600m) - Saga (4,450m).

    Breakfast before departing for Saga. Arrival and settling in.Saga (meaning "happy land") is an important stopover point for pilgrims and inward and outward bound travellers on their journey to Mount Kailash (there are shops, restaurants, rooms, etc.)Breakfast and lunch are included. About a 6 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 17 Saga (4,450 m) - Lhatse (4,200 m).

    Breakfast and departure for Lhatse. Arrival and settling in.Lhatse is a town with more or less one street and a small square near the centre. The 3-km-long main street was once part of the Friendship Highway, now it mainly leads to the Everest base camp - the border between Tibet and Nepal or the western Tibet pass.Breakfast and lunch are included. About a 6 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 18 Lhatse - Lhasa.

    You will leave the high mountains early in the morning for Lhasa. You are free to visit the capital, with the possibility of visiting the Bagkhor district and the old Tibetan city. You will have the chance to visit charming Tibetan villages, explore the monasteries, and experience local culture and traditions. Don’t miss the Jokhang monastery, the most important religious centre for the Tibetan and Sherpa communities, at the end of the day to admire the religious ritual of the faithful circulating around the stupa and the monastery.Breakfast and lunch are included. About a 7/8 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

  • Jour 19 Lhasa - Canton or Beijing.

    Last day in Lhasa. If your flight is scheduled during the day or the evening, you can take a quick tour and make some last minute purchases. Transfer to the airport and flight to Paris via Canton, depending on your flight schedule.Breakfast and lunch included. About a 1 hour drive.

    HĂ©bergement : Ă  l'hĂ´tel

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